Equipment Protection Plan

A. Equipment Protection Plan.

The Customer must accept or decline the Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) before the start of the Rental Period. The charge for the EPP is 12% of the gross Rental Fees. If Customer accepts the EPP, Dealer agrees to waive certain claims against Customer for loss of or damage to the Equipment in accordance with the Rental Contract and the Equipment Protection Plan Guide. The Customer is advised to review these documents carefully before deciding whether to purchase the EPP. A paper copy of the EPP is available in Dealer's store and an electronic copy is available at

B. Accepting the EPP.

1. What the EPP Covers: The EPP is not insurance. The EPP is an option Dealer offers to limit the Customer's liability for Accidental Damages and damages caused by Acts of God. Accidental Damages refers to minor items such as scratches, lightbulbs, damaged attachment hoses and wires, and/or other incidental damages to the Equipment not resulting from the careless use, misuse or abuse by Customer. Acts of God refers to loss or damage caused by windstorm, fire, or rain. The benefit of the EPP is limited by the deductible described in subsection (a), excludes the specific conditions in subsection (b), and carries a limit of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) as stated in subsection (c).

  • a. Deductible. By accepting the EPP and paying the associated fee, Dealer will limit the Equipment repair or replacement cost to a deductible of $500 per item or 10% of the repair or replacement cost, including tax, whichever is less. Customer is responsible for any loss or damage up to this amount.

  • b. Exclusions. Notwithstanding Customer's acceptance of EPP, Customer's responsibility for such loss or damage will not be limited by subsection (a) if the loss or damage is occasioned by: (i) Customer's careless use, misuse or abuse of the Equipment, (ii) Customer's failure to operate the Equipment safely and in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, (iii) a breach by Customer of any obligation under this Contract, (iv) Customer's violation of any applicable laws, rules or ordinances, or (v) the theft or mysterious disappearance of the Equipment.

  • c. EPP Limit: The maximum protection provided by the EPP is $50,000. Customer remains liable for the damages/repairs exceeding the sum of $50,000.

C. Declining the EPP.

The EPP is optional and the Customer and is not required to purchase the EPP. However, if Customer Declines the EPP, Customer must maintain the insurance coverage required by Paragraph 25.